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Experience a provider who
works for you.

Amalura Health is a direct primary care practice delivering comprehensive, personalized, and accessible primary care services to individuals in the Seacoast area.

Hi, I'm Lauren McMullen


I founded Amalura Health because I believe patients deserve excellent healthcare, in a timely manner, from a provider who truly cares about their wellbeing and their experience. 

Why Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care prioritizes the Patient by focusing on quality care and building a trusting, collaborative relationship with your PCP. It also offers price transparency and cost-savings opportunities, while providing the convenience and accessibility necessary for your busy lifestyle. And, your regular health insurance can still be used for labs, imaging, medications and specialist visits.


Your Dedicated Provider at Your Fingertips

No waiting on hold or navigating confusing phone-trees. Instead, you have real-time access to your PCP via call/text/email. Talk to (and see ) the SAME provider every time.


Personalized Care, Convenient Access

Same or next-day appointments in office or via telehealth. Collaborate with a provider committed to keeping you healthy and minimizing your out-of-pocket expenses.


Affordable Prices and Cost Transparency

NO copays, ever. Your insurance still covers your labs, imaging, medications, OR you can opt for discounted cash pricing. No surprise bills. Save money by reducing the need for Urgent Care or the ER.

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